Baby Room Leader

Job Description



Reporting to:                     Manager/Deputy Manager

Required Qualifications:                NNEB, NVQ or equivalent.  Minimum two years’ experience required.


Key Responsibilities


  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children in your care resulting in the total avoidance of preventable accidents and promoting a feeling of security and satisfaction amongst all parents.
  • Caring for the all-round daily needs of the children to enhance their physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.
  • Supervise all staff within your room to ensure high standards are constantly achieved.
  • Contribute effectively to the team maintaining a high level of communication throughout the whole nursery.


Main Tasks


Team Contribution


  • To work as an effective part of the Nursery team ensuring you and your staff maintain good morale, a high reputation both in and outside of the Nursery and ensure all Countryside Nursery standards are met.
  • Have a high level of awareness of company policies and procedures and ensure these are carried through by yourself and your staff every-day tasks.
  • Train and support new staff using the Countryside Staff Training Programme.
  • Include and encourage all staff members in their daily activities and development through leading by example.


Child and Parent Care


  • Ensure parents have full satisfaction through appropriate information and feedback from all Nursery staff
  • Ensure that all staff are communicating at an appropriate level with children in their care during play and meal times.
  • Be the first point of contact for new children and parents and ensure that during their settling in sessions both children and parents feel comfortable and safe.Once settled, ensure that new parents are kept informed of their child’s progress.
  • Ensure a high level of personal hygiene is maintained and encouraged with the children.
  • Ensure children are tidy, happy and ready for their parents to take home at the end of their session.
  • Ensure parents receive daily updates in the form of diary sheets or verbal communication.
  • Write an informative, monthly parental newsletter, with input from your team reviewing the previous month’s events and activities and outlining future plans.
  • Respect the wishes of parents to treat any personal information as confidential.
  • To be open and welcoming to all parents and children and ready to answer queries when required.


Administration and Planning


  • Foster social and educational stimulation through curriculum planning based on age and stages of development within a happy and secure environment.
  • Ensure weekly and monthly planning sheets are completed covering all areas of the curriculum.
  • Ensure each Key Carer updates accurate developmental records for each child, and has them available for viewing by parents at any time.
  • Ensure your staff maintain routines within each area of the Nursery.
  • Ensure the room registers and daily sign in sheets are accurately completed by you and your staff.
  • To maintain a well organised filing system ensuring information is easily accessible.
  • Ensure the following are regularly updated:
  • Key Carer List
  • Emergency Contact File
  • Children’s allergies and dietary requirements
  • Staff rota’s
  • Ensure all consent forms, Key Carer forms and labels are prepared prior to children starting at the Nursery.


Nursery Communication


  • To attend and actively participate in regular room and staff meetings.
  • To maintain a good level of communication, both with senior management and the staff within your room, on everyday occurrences within the establishment.
  • To ensure all staff follow company procedures for daily communications to and from parents.
  • Report all maintenance requirements to the manager to ensure their immediate attention.
  • Treat all matters concerning the children, parents, staff and business of the Nursery as confidential.



Health and Safety


  • Implement all company health and safety procedures to ensure the wellbeing of children and staff within the establishment.
  • Ensure you and your staff are aware of risk assessments that are carried out to prevent accidents among children, staff, parents and others persons entering the premises and act upon any recommendations given.
  • Ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained by yourself and your staff, through cleaning and sterilising equipment and recording information as evidence.
  • Ensure toys and equipment are looked after, stored safely and correctly.
  • Ensure the rooms are left clean and tidy at the end of each day.
  • Advise manager or deputy when toys and equipment need repairing or replacing.
  • To take part in regular fire drills to ensure you are aware of the procedures.
  • To ensure accidents within the establishment are recorded appropriately in accident books and information relayed to your manager or deputy, and then the parents.
  • Where allocated, regularly check electrical appliances to ensure they are in good working order.