Nursery Apprentice

Job Description

The Nursery Apprentice is responsible to the Manager, Deputy Manager and Nursery Owner.

Duties will include:

1) Adhering to the Policies & Procedures of Little Barn Owls Nursery & Farm School and compliance with the Children Act, Health and Safety legislation and within the guidelines of Ofsted and the National Standards. Ensuring confidentiality is maintained in the nursery.

2) Working as part of a team to achieve the longer term goals of the nursery.

3) The care and supervision of the children with regard to their physical, emotional and intellectual needs.

4) Working with the Nursery Educators on planning and preparation of activities, to meet children’s individual needs, liaising with parents and negotiating working targets ensuring effective communication within the nursery.

5) Offering all children equal opportunities with regard to their religious persuasion, racial origins, gender, disabilities, cultural or linguistic background; in particular, challenge situations where racism or discrimination is displayed.

6) Keeping of development records and observations – where instructed and when assisting key workers.

7) Positive management of children's behaviour.

8) Preparation, care, cleanliness and maintenance of the environments and equipment.

9) Providing a good role model for students and help new staff to fit into the nursery.

10) Keeping accident, incident and risk assessment records as per nursery procedure.

11) Supervision of meals and mealtimes and where appropriate preparation of babies bottles.

12) Kitchen duties including preparation of snacks, meals, drinks, washing up and maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen. Adhering to the national food safety standards for food storage and preparation and filling in the SFBB manual.

13) Attendance of planning and staff meetings as arranged by the Nursery Manager.

14) Participating in regular parents' evenings, publicity, open weekends and children's outings.

15) Making and contributing to documentation and display boards of children’s work to the manager’s specification.

16) Assisting with Farm School, Forest School or trips when required.

17) Any other duties appropriate to the post as directed by the Nursery Manager, Deputy and Owner.